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Rock Dogs

Creating with Joy

Hi! I’m Rocky, the artist behind Rock Dogs. I love to infuse joy into each handmade clay pet I create.

Growing up, I had always wanted to use my creativity to express myself and help others with the hopes I would make the world a little more joyful. I also had pets as a kid and I remember each of my furry little housemates as having unique personalities of their own.

As an adult, I found clay and quickly fell in love with the tactile nature of it. When I use clay I find it to be very meditative. Hours go by without me ever knowing.

Last year, when the first “litter” of Rock Dogs came out of the kiln I immediately fell in love with them. Each with their own expression and personality. When I held the first one in my hand I experienced the same kind of joy I hoped my creative aspirations would have as a child. I had to make more. Lots more.

It thrills me that others love Rock Dogs and that people can create a sweet and personal connection with each one, much like a pet. My intention is to infuse as much love and whimsy into each creation I make and to help make the world just a little more joyful.

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Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Ohata Red and Moss Thicket Rock Dogs
Aqua Gemstone and Black Gloss Rock Dogs